Smart way to communicate via Microsoft Teams

Improve your communications and make conversations more user-friendly with messages quoting!
Quote Master Features
Everyday we work hard to make life of Microsoft Teams users even better and happier
No need to copy-paste messages and use special symbols!
Click "Quote" in the context menu of the message to quote it into a typing box. Quote Master supports both private user conversations and the chats in channels.
Formatting Preserved!
Quote Master keeps formatting of the source message, as well as pictures and hyperlinks. The cited message also has the author, date and time of the original message, which allows you not to lose the context of communication.
Inter-chat quoting supported!
To copy messages between chats, click "Copy" in the context menu of the message. Then quote it in another chat. You can select a message to quote from several previously copied messages.
Does Quote Master work in browser-based version of Microsoft Teams?
Yes, it does. The app works in all browsers which are supported by Microsoft Teams.
Does Quote Master work in mobile version of Microsoft Teams as well?
No. Due to specific of the Microsoft Teams mobile apps (both Android and iOS), the Quote Master doesn't work inside them.
How can I install this app?
The app is available in Microsoft App Source. You may find it using a search on the "Apps" tab in Microsoft Teams or visit this page and install
I don't have a "Work or School" Office365 account. Can I still try/buy Quote Master?
Yes, you can install and use the app if you have personal account.
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